Install Your Own Personalised Electric Vehicle Charging Point Before 2030!

New cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will not be sold in the UK from 2030. Therefore, the
number of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) among your employees and customers is going to increase over the next few years and with that, the need for charge points.



Voltage optimisation (VO) is a transformer-based technology which optimises the incoming supply
from the national grid to match the voltage required by equipment at your organisation.
UK appliances need 220 volts to operate at an optimum level, the average supplied by the National

Grid is 242 volts and we have seen as high as 261 volts!

Installing a Voltage Optimiser will give guaranteed savings as well as increase the longevity of your



Many organisations within the public sector use a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to be compliant but
also allow for flexibility to help streamline the procurement process.

Why do you need a framework?
If you are in any way subject to public sector legislation and do not source your services with a compliant
framework in place, then you:
• are not protected against any legal action from suppliers
• could face prosecution in court
• might have to pay fines and your funding may be subject to clawback by government


generate your own electricity by harnessing commercial solar pv.

choosing to put the power back in your hands.

are your competitors buying cheaper than you?

Ready to Go Green?

What We Do
Our specialised energy consultants can offer businesses, regardless of size or sector, the opportunity to
secure the most cost-efficient tariffs on the market.

Geo-political factors and other market fluctuations have resulted in prices to rise year-on-year. Our
advanced software solutions allow us to monitor the market and advise you on the best purchase model.
Forward purchasing allows you to guarantee a rate in advance. We can help you to find a fixed rate tariff
that will allow you to take control of the rising prices, even before your contract is up for renewal.


It can become extremely time-consuming when it comes to purchasing business energy and prices can vary

by 28% between business energy providers.
We can take care of everything for you and remove the stress. We search for the best rates, manage your
new and existing suppliers, take care of the contract admin and can also offer advice for solutions to reduce
your carbon emissions and bills.

Can you be saving money on utilities?

Some businesses try to sort their energy bills all by themselves. Thinking they are saving time and money…

Fact: Unless you compare the whole market, you probably aren’t…

We understand you’re time-poor. Let us use our automated platform to compare 10,000 tariffs for your electric, gas and water. That way you will have more time and probably money!

Give us a few details, sit back, and see if we can save you money. What could be simpler? What do you have to lose? You may be able to reduce your bill by 44% today!


are energy
costs eroding
your profits?

If set up correctly a solar PV installation can reduce your energy bills by up to 40% in year one alone,
not only providing substantial savings, but allowing you to significantly reduce your grid dependency.


Approved by Crown Commercial Services.

OJEU compliant


By optimising the voltage supply to your electrical equipment you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 19%, therefore saving you money, energy,
and carbon.

blue solar panel boards

Solar Panels for Business

By choosing a solar PV installation, you are taking
back control of your energy, mitigating your
business risk and cementing your position as an
environmentally conscious organisation.

blue solar panel boards


We are committed to helping you find the best-priced solutions to meet your organisation’s individual needs and criteria. To fast-track a conversation send us an email at and one of the team will be in touch.

Ready to Save an Extra 40% on Your Energy Bill?

We only work with the most trusted and reliable suppliers and have carefully selected the very best to work with. By working with a wide range of suppliers alongside our advanced software solutions, we can access the best pricing available across the energy market instead of manually comparing quotes from each supplier.

How It Works



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