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4ward Avaya

Is working a pain in the neck
for your business?

With the right equipment, you could increase productivity by up to 43%

Whatever your business, your workforce is one of your biggest assets. Making sure your employees can carry out their job safely and comfortably means they’ll be less prone to work related injury. When they’re feeling well, they’ll perform well, leading to increased productivity and saving costs for you.

Raised comfort levels have a positive influence on performance. In a recent user study focusing on ergonomics, discomfort diminished significantly for half of the group who changed from handset to headset, and neck and back pains totally disappeared.

  • Most neck and back pains come from cradling a phone handset between the head and shoulder
  • 8 out of 10 employees are on the phone for at least 2 hours of every day
  • Studies show that 26% of people claimed that their neck and back pains “totally disappeared” after switching to a headset

Comfortable, hands-free headsets from 4ward Communications can help
significantly reduce this major health problem in modern contact centers
and offices and eliminate unnecessary appointments with doctors and