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Hosting solutions1

IPVS offers the following solutions which can be taken individually or as a package:


· Hosted VoIP—This is a Centrex service so you don’t need a PBX

· SIP Trunking—This is an ISDN replacement service so you are able to keep your existing PBX and phones.

The experience over Hosted is excellent, providing seamless integration between IP voice and traditional PSTN voice.

How do you benefit?
Hosted enables you do business cheaper, faster and more effectively, more of the time – wherever you are.

· Free internal and inter-site calls plus cheaper UK, mobile and international calls by up to 20%

· Superior call control that improves customer service

· Home and remote workers can pick up and manage calls anywhere

· Full, unlimited access to the BT national network with no need for investment in an expensive PBX system

· Lower set-up and rental costs than ISDN plus no maintenance and support charges

· Fully scalable ‘pay-as-you-grow’ service

· Supports 999 emergency services

· Keep your existing phone numbers

· Call management system integrates with Microsoft Outlook and web browser

· Remote collaboration tools drive increased home working, cut travel and help reduce your carbon footprint