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Non-Geographic Numbers:

There is a wide variety of Inbound Call Solutions available using  (NGNs-08, 09). Today you can have large company features such as Call Queuing, Auto Attendant Services, Call Recording etc., without the

need for expensive onsite hardware. All of these services are now available at a network level and can significantly enhance the user experience or enable calls that might otherwise have been lost, to be



Lease Lines

are dedicated interconnections between your sites and the carrier’s network, providing the highest level of security and service availability. Leased lines are ideal for businesses that need

dedicated, uninterrupted communications, 24 hours per day and for those that wish to build their own communications network.


Additional benefits:

  • If you move your office, possibly out of the same area code, your number moves with you. Access   to high level features at low monthly rentals with no investment in expensive hardware
  • Increased Customer loyalty through use of 0800 freephone services
  • Improved Disaster Recovery planning; i.e. In the event of an office fire, numbers can be forwarded  to backup locations (or at additional cost to mobiles) within minutes.

4ward Fax 2 E-Mail:

The new state-of-the-art fax service that will allow you to receive fax messages directly to your email via a personal number. It improves your customer perception

So with no Your customers no longer need to know where you are to fax you. Whether you're at the office, at home, in your car or even in a hotel, they'll know they can get faxes through to you and you

don't need to reveal your home fax number to your clients.

Cyber Number can also accept receipt of simultaneous faxes to your E-mail.