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Remote Working Systems for Mobility                

 Hot Desking

Hot desking allows staff to use any telephone at any workstation. This means that the sales team will have the flexibility to make calls from any phone on the showroom while still allowing you to monitor each member of staff individually.

How does it Work?

Hot Desking allows staff to log into any phone in the office and use it to complete their everyday calling task such as contacting prospective clients. The phone will automatically record details of the calls made under the name of the staff member logged in at the time.


Cheaper - There is no longer any need to get extra phones for every member of staff. Just simply log in to any telephone when needed.

More Efficient - No need to worry about all the phones going to waste when they are left unused, plus employees will no longer need to constantly return to their desk in order to make a call.

Effective – Now managers can clearly see the calling patterns of every member of staff rather than having to assign certain phones to specific staff members

 Mobile Twinning

Employees that are constantly on the go can now twin their mobile phone with their desk telephone extension at the dealership.

When a call comes in on the desktop phone it will ring simultaneously with the mobile. Staff can take calls when on test drives or when walking around the dealership site without having to give out their personal mobile numbers. Callers can be placed on hold using the mobile phone, and transferred to other extensions if required.

Email to SMS 

With our latest service you are now able to send text directly from your email. This will allow you to send clients anything from Test Drive reminders to MOT appointments.

Bulk SMS

This service will allow you to send a text to a large number of clients at once, and best of all you can still personalise each message using a specialised coding system so the text can include the names or even the registration numbers or your clients

Voicemail to Email

Now all staff can retrieve their voicemail messages using your dealership's email system. As soon as a customer leaves a voicemail message, an email is sent to the member of staff, with the message attached as an audio file.

Employees can listen to their messages directly on the PC/Laptop, or they may prefer to dial into the telephone system remotely from their mobile phone, or perhaps pick up the message on site from any telephone connected to the system.

All of our dealership telephone systems include this function and you can select which users have this function available as and when required.

DECT Cordless Systems

Many car dealerships use DECT cordless telephone systems to ensure their mobile staff are contactable anywhere on site.

We provide fully integrated DECT system installation services including survey, design, implementation and support.

Customer Service Management

With so many calls coming in it can be hard to keep track of who answered which call. It can also make keeping control of the quality of the answering performance very difficult.