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VoIP Softphone Technology                                   ipecs bundle-300x300

If you decide to take the VoIP route for your school or college phone system, you will be able to use VoIP softphones for selected teachers and staff. 

The softphone is an application that is downloaded onto your computer or laptop that will allow you to make and receive calls on the PC itself. As long as the laptop has LAN connectivity, telephone communications can take place.

 Using a VoIP connection allows you to give each member or staff an individual extension and saves you the time and money required to get in and install new handsets as no physical telephone is required.

Advancements in voicemail and messaging technologies now allow busy school receptionists to transfer callers to teacher voicemail services, even though the teachers don't use dedicated telephones.

Teachers can now have access to voicemail facilities without having a telephone extension, or direct telephone number.

New voicemail messages can be sent to the teacher via the school's email system, without the teacher using a telephone.

Remote access technology also allows teachers and staff to collect voicemail messages when away from school, via their mobile telephones.
All of our school telephone systems support voicemail to email integration.

An integrated message player allows the teacher to listen to the message either via the PC or laptop, or using a desktop telephone.

Reporting Absentees

Filter absentee calls away from busy school receptionists. Parents and staff can report absentees via an automated service with pre-recorded greetings and voice prompts.

The absentee messages can then be sent to an administrator via flashing LED lights on the handset and/or via email messages.

Emergency, School Trip & Information Services

Using direct-dial technology, pre-recorded messages can be played to parents who call the "Information" number.

A minibus information service can be used to update callers on anticipated time of return, useful when trips are delayed.

Email to SMS and Bulk SMS for School Trips and Emergencies 

With our latest service you are now able to send text directly from your email. This will allow you to send students quick updates and information regarding trips or even school closures.

The bulk SMS service will allow you to send a text to a large number of students at once, and best of all you can still personalise each message using a specialised coding system so the text can include the names or even the students’ personal ID numbers.

Bullying Lines

We set up a confidential school bullying line using a dedicated direct-dial telephone number. Inbound calls are directed straight to a dedicated voicemail box and the resulting messages are passed to an administrator via email and/or the desk telephone.

Electronic Register

We can help speed up the morning rush when it comes to signing in all the students and keeping records of attendance.

Our electronic register system allows you to mark students in on the computer and the information is automatically saved into a database that allows you to produce reports at the end of the year.