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Mobile Card Machines.


The Cardsave Mobile EFT930G GSM/GPRS credit and debit card processing machine delivers absolute mobility to process credit and debit card transactions without a fixed telephone line in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Ideal for Tradesmen or Mobile Businesses
If you have a business where you may not have access to a landline but would like to accept card payments our mobile terminal could be a great option.

Take your Card Machine with you
Our mobile card payment terminal provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility to take payments "wherever you are" to optimise every sales opportunity. Utilising the GSM/GPRS network, transactions are processed in seconds without any additional call charges.


CardSave Mobile Credit Card Machine (EFT930G)

  • Easy to use, fast and reliable to operate.
  • Uses the mobile GSM/GPRS data network.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Up to 200 transactions between charges – lasts a working day.
  • Base unit only required for charging.
  • Supports the latest Chip & PIN card technology.
  • Optimal and secure card reading.
  • Accepts all major credit, debit and charge cards.
  • Frees up telephone landlines for other business calls.
  • Large backlit graphic display with adjustable contrast.
  • Quiet, fast and easy-loading printer.
  • Long magnetic strip reader for optimal card reading.
  • Intelligent long life Li Ion battery.

Cardsave credit card machines are equipped with Address Verification Services (AVS) and Cardholder Security Code (CSC) technologies in the fight to combat fraud with customer not present transactions.