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Countertop Card Machines

The iCT250 Colour Contactless credit and debit card processing machine is one of the most advanced new generation countertop card processing machines on the market, providing a combination of security, technology and cost effective operation.countertop 01 main

Latest Security Standards
Protect your business and your customer's data. The iCT250 is the first countertop terminal PCI PED 2.0 approved and enhancement ready which is now a compulsory requirement. Providing security-as-standard and peace of mind for both you and your customers in the fight to prevent card fraud.

Large Colour Screen
Making it easier to read transaction-related messages and access richer menus and messages.



CardSave Countertop Credit Card Machine

  • Small, easy to handle and easy to use.
  • Able to process Chip & PIN, Contactless and MOTO payments.
  • Easy self installation – just plug in and follow simple prompts.
  • Based on Telium 2 dual processor technology for fast transactions.
  • Supports the latest secure Chip & PIN entry card technology.
  • Integrated PINpad – useful where counter space is limited.
  • Vivid colour screen allows easy reading and brand promotion.
  • Fast receipt printing for quicker transactions.
  • Accepts all major credit, debit and charge cards.
  • Visa payWave and MasterCard payPass certified for contactless.
  • Supports a multitude of transaction types including sales and refunds.
  • All transactions automatically seek online authorisation in seconds.
  • Remote software download, management and diagnostics.
  • Pre-Authorisation available where appropriate.

CardSave credit card machines are equipped with Address Verification Services (AVS) and Cardholder Security Code (CSC) technologies in the fight to combat fraud with customer not present transactions.