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Telephone Sharing

It is easier than ever to integrate employees without the need for supplying them with dedicated physical telephones throughout the premises.

Hot Desking

Central locations such as department offices allow employees to access telephony.
NEC's DT-730 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone is a "hot-desking" telephone, allowing several members of staff and heads of departments to share a single telephone within a departmental office.

VoIP Softphone Technology

If you decide to take the VoIP route for your firms phone system, you will be able to use VoIP softphones for all or selected staff. 

The softphone is an application that is downloaded onto your computer or laptop that will allow you to make and receive calls on the PC itself. As long as the laptop has LAN connectivity, telephone communications can take place.

Using a VoIP connection allows you to give each member or staff an individual extension and saves you the time and money required to get in and install new handsets as no physical telephone is required.

Advancements in voicemail and messaging technologies now allow busy receptionists to transfer callers to the desired voicemail services of employees.

Accountants and solicitors now have access to voicemail facilities without having a telephone extension, or direct telephone number.

New voicemail messages can be sent via the firms email system, without the need for a telephone.

Remote access technology also allows voicemail messages to be collected via mobile telephones.
All of our telephone systems support voicemail to email integration.

An integrated message player allows accountants and solicitors to listen to the message either via the PC or laptop, or using a desktop telephone.

Mobile Twinning

Employees that are constantly on the go can now twin their mobile phone with their desk telephone extension at the office.

When a call comes in on the desktop phone it will ring simultaneously with the mobile. Staff can take calls when away on call outs or when walking around the office site without having to give out their personal mobile numbers. Callers can be placed on hold using the mobile phone, and transferred to other extensions if required.

Email to SMS and Bulk SMS

With our latest service you are now able to send text directly from your email. This will allow you to send clients quick updates and information regarding their accounts or updates on any issues that they have called in about. With this the client is reassured whenever they receive a text informing them on any updates. 

The bulk SMS service will allow you to send a text to a large number of clients at once, and best of all you can still personalise each message using a specialised coding system so the text can include the names or even the clients’ personal ID or account number.

Free Comparisons & Consultancies

Here at 4ward we want to ensure that you’re getting the best system possible that meet all of your day to day business requirements. We do this by offering our clients, both prospective and existing, a free site consultancy to evaluate your business needs.

We take a look at your current set-up and provide you with telecom solutions that will give you a complete system to meet your needs. Also, by looking at your building specifications and layout we will be able to show you how your system will be connected.

We can even recommend which type of system is right for you, from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to TDM and from ISDN to SIP.

If you are interested in getting a quote then allow us at 4ward to provide you with a free price comparison and free detailed site consultancy.