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Our facility is web based therefore easy to manage on the move and does not need to take up valuable memory space on a PC. Our current users range considerably from small local concerns to large national PLC's and the general features include:

*    Tier 1 carriers, mostly with Vodafone, therefore guaranteed delivery

*    Import your phone book with ease from your current database /spreadsheet

*    Hold multiple phone books on your system

*    Timed delivery available - deliver a set message for any time in the future

*    Staggered delivery available - to manage a large delivery over a set period of time enabling the sender to fully manage any resulting inbound calls

*    Have your own unique 'originator' name to enable the recipient to identify you and improve your brand

*    Full use of 'keywords' on our unique short code 88882 - either normal rate or premium rate

*    Fully manage your phonebooks on line

*    Instantly purchase additional credit by debit / credit card

*    Full statistics page showing which texts made it to their destination and which ones failed due to bad numbers / ceased numbers

*    Use the facility from any PC anywhere

Please feel free to set up a trial account at and contact me to run through this opportunity further .