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Any faults, move of premises, or new installations are carried out by Openreach engineers as before so you received the benefit of saving money and the peace of mind knowing that you’re still on the BT Opeanreach network.


Benefits of Switching.

1. Makes your organisation more effective, productive and reduce the cost of running your business - Composite solutions – best cost from best fit.

2. Demonstrate commitment in helping your business grow.

3.Tailored Solutions.

4.Superb range of products available.

5.Dedicated account management.


7.Innovative and first to the market in launching new services.

8.Regular newsletter informs customers of future plans and technology.

9.Strictly Service driven

10.Young player fast to respond to need of his customers

11.Able to deliver outstanding value for money

12.Provide excellent customer care

13.Clear, concise and accurate billing

14.Monthly billing as standard

15.Billing supported by Itemized billing reports

You currently obtain your line rental from BT Retail. They obtain the line rental from BT Openreach and we also obtain the line rental from BT Opeanreach. We simply do a like for like transfer whom moves your line over to us with the same services that are currently on it e.g. caller display, etc.

I am concerned – what happens if there is a fault?

BT Opeanreach has given us an electronic gateway that links into their system. If you have a fault then you must phone us and not BT. We will then do a line test and if there is a fault then we will log it. Opeanreach will then assign an engineer to it that will come out and fix it in a Opeanreach van as normal.

Because I am not with BT it will take longer to fix a fault?

It is BT Opeanreach who responds to line faults. They respond to faults from us in the same response time as they respond to faults from BT Retail. Ofcom, the regulatory body for telecommunications, regulates this. We have a quicker response time compare to BT retail because we don’t use a queuing system.